Monday, 18 November 2013


Here are some pics of Cerne Abbas, the village that lies under the giant.

The Giant Inn of course, that was once the Red Lion, but changed now that the giant is famous. 

The giant has been here since the Middle Ages and my guess is that it was erected, so to speak, as a cartoon of Oliver Cromwell, who dissolved the Cerne Abbas monastery (along with all the others), which was an important source of income for the village.  At that time, Cerne Abbas was famous for its beer and had 14 pubs, despite only having a population of 1500.  There are fewer pubs there now.  Here are two:

And this is what remains of the monastery.

 The church

The stocks

Door to one of the houses


  1. Having seen your shots of the village, I must definately visit sometime in the near future!!

    1. It was very picturesque, but not much life. Tea room closed and only one pub open (and about to close) and we had to persuade them to put a kettle on . . .

  2. I was getting all nostalgic until I saw the stocks. I don't think I really want to go back in time.