Monday, 18 November 2013


It is Movember here.  And like many others, I have been growing a mo.  And, just so I don't frighten Jeffers and Countrybhoy later this week, here it is:

Beautiful,isn't it!

The purpose is of course to raise awareness and, since so many people have asked what it's for, that aim has easily been achieved!  But I was surprised that, having explained, several people offered to sponsor me.  So I now have 6 sponsors!

Today we visited Cerne Abbas, because I had heard that the Cerne Abbas giant had also sprouted a mo for Movember.  Unfortunately, you can't see it from my pic.

At least, I don't think that's a moustache.  So here's a pic from the newspaper:


  1. I always intend to take part in Movember, and always forget til it's too late.

    I often think about visiting Cerne Abbas, too, as it is just off the route I take when visiting my parents, but have not yet gotten round to it.

    1. It's very itchy! The viewing spot is just up the road from the village.

  2. I think I am falling in love with the hairs in your nostrils more than the MO. Good on ya mate for supporting a good cause.