Sunday, 1 December 2013


In many Istanbul cafes, you can order a nargile, what we call a hubble-bubble or hookah.  They are made up by the pipe waiter with burning charcoal in the tin, rose water in the bowl and a long tube with your own mouthpiece.  Behind the scenes, there is a room full of pipes and other paraphernalia waiting for orders.  I took this pic in there of the nargile water bowls lined up on the shelf.

This is my entry for this week's Picture Perfect.


  1. Okay. That is an interesting balanced picture with a lovely juxtaposition of stems that look like they will support each other, if needed. But I am really stupid about this stuff. What do you puff inside you? Do you even puff and inhale? It all looks like opium paraphanalia to me. Remember that I am from the bushes way back and beyond the edge of civilization in the middle of British Columbia. Please enlighten me. What are all these lovely pipes used for?

    1. The respectable ones use flavoured tobacco. The charcoal burns or roasts (I think) the tobacco and you suck the smoke through the water and probably don't actually inhale, but get the water-softened flavour of tobacco with whatever spices and floral scents are in the tobacco/water. Can you get this pic - ?