Sunday, 1 December 2013


Here are some pics from our recent visit to Venice.

Venice is such a pretty city, I came back feeling a bit hyperglycaemic.  And it was very difficult whittling 400 pics down to 40.  But here they are.  And still too many attractive buildings probably.  But I cut out most of the pics of plants aesthetically arranged in windows . . .

Anyway, enjoy.


  1. My favourite photo is the empty alley with the cat in the foreground about 3/4 of the way into the slideshow. When my youngest son got married in a cathedral in Victoria BC in 2000 they went off on a honeymoon to Venice. I went to a money exchanger to get them $200 worth of petty cash. They were very polite about thanking us at the gift opening, but now I wonder if, as he is a charterd accountant, it was silly to them. I was just thinking that I would want local currency for petty stuff when I arrived if I travelled there. I must ask them if it was a 'silly old ladie's" idea. Mind you 13 years ago we were not so cosmopolitan.

    1. I should think they were dumb-struck at your generosity, rather than bemused at any perceived silliness. They could then at least afford to have more than one cocktail at Harry's Bar! Actually, 13 years ago $200 would have been ALL my petty cash!!