Friday, 31 January 2014


This week I am listening to Joan Armatrading.  I have admired her since I first heard her nearly 40 years ago.  Now she probably ranks as Britain's best female singer/songwriter.

Her deeply personal, enigmatic songs are hard to categorise (not that I want to categorise her), so here are a few songs to show her range.

From 1980, this is All The Way From America.  She sings this brilliantly live, but this is the best version I can find on YouTube.

And, from 1985, this is Temptation.


It was difficult to decide on a third, but her brave singing, alone on the stage, with the audience in complete silence, swings it I think.  This is her in 2012 with The Weakness In Me.


And I'm sorry, that was supposed to be it, but I I've decided I have to add the song that first caught my attention in 1975 - Cool Blue Stole My Heart.  I've posted this before, so you can skip it if you like.


  1. Memories....memories..... I was having a tiff with Old Man Watching and decided to run away and go stay with my brother in Vancouver, and not tell Old Man (he was Young Stud then) where I was. It worked well for me. My brother and his 'almost' wife were into music and playing a lot of Joan. I was a farm girl from the northl, used to having a pickup to do chores with running around the country. There I was in a big city having to take buses to go places. I was afraid to drive in Vancouver. But it was good for me as the mega malls were only 10 miles away. Her music was everywhere. Then a week or so later I decided to go home, with a few concesssions from the Old Man about how our marriage might work or he could go away. He decided he wanted to stay in the marriage. Joan Armatrading may have kept my marriage together for 47 years. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Wow! Glad I chose the right music then!