Monday, 27 January 2014


I've mentioned before my surprise at today's young listing various electronic devices as 'essentials' before they think apparently of clothing or chairs or Marmite.  It just shows what these days we take for granted.  In my youth of course such devices didn't exist, so it's impossible to compare.  But I do remember deciding once that we couldn't afford a television or a telephone.  We chose to eat better.

So I was interested to see in a magazine interview that Cate Blanchett claimed that she was so poor when she was young that she couldn't afford a coffee every day.  So that is obviously what she  considers normal daily life.  It wasn't clear whether she had enough food to eat as well.

In another article, a journalist had recounted her experiences in the 'Celebrity' Big Brother House.  Never mind the bitching, the swearing, the sex, the uncouth behaviour generally, her criticism was about the standard of the toilet.  Maybe everything else passes as normal for her.

So I wonder what is essential for your daily life.  What can you not do without each day?  A television?  A daily coffee?  A clean toilet?  Personally I watch the TV in Currys, get my coffee free at Waitrose and use the loo in the community centre . . . 


  1. A clean toilet for me . :-))

  2. |I know that I have an absolute need for clean bathrooms and floors and my own living area. I keep a calendar of the cleaning that needs to be done each day to keep our suite pristine. So today I was supposed to vacuum and then damp mop all the floors. I had to go to work on an art project so only the major areas got done. It is getting harder and harder to keep this suite the way I really want it, as I keep getting involved in artsy-fartsy stuff and church duties. is not a necessity for me. But when we were on the farm/ranch a vegetable garden was a must as were chickens and pigs and geese and our own organic beef. We diidn't know it was organic then.