Friday, 10 January 2014


Went bowling in Brighton last night!  This is the Brighton Eye, currently podless as it undergoes its winter maintenance.


I was amused by the helpful guides above the lanes, giving tips on how to hit remaining pins.

Given that I haven't bowled seriously for a couple of decades or more, it was nice to discover that I hadn't forgotten everything. Guess which score was mine . . .

Here's a clue - this is my trophy!


 We then retired to the Brighton Pagoda, a floating Chinese restaurant in Brighton Marina.

Not much to show you inside, except a lot of empty plates . . .


  1. This reminded me that it has also been a long time since I last did any bowling!!

    Clever title for the post, By the way. This is a phrase I've used for many years, as in:

    "Why are you limping?"

    "I have Chinese foot"

    "What's that?"

    "Pins and noodles".

    1. Must remember that in future, Mitch. Yes, there was a curious 60s feel to the bowling . . .