Friday, 10 January 2014


Went on my first walk of the year today.  Started at Byworth, near Petworth.  'Worth', you might like to know, is from the old English for enclosure, so we skirted Pet's and By's enclosures.

This is Byworth

And, after all the recent rain, this is how the countryside now looks.

We met some horses

and had clear views of the South Downs.

Just took this because I thought it looked nice with the trees and clouds.

Here we all are walking up the lane back to Byworth,

followed by a descent through one of those gullies of which there seem to be many on the Surrey Hills.

And here we are back at the Black Horse, an almost untouched 16th century inn, for lunch.

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  1. Looks to have been a rather pleasant first walk of the year. Nice to see some blue sky and sunshine amongst all the recent storms.