Friday, 7 February 2014


Wayfarers Walk 3

I seem to be forever writing about weather.  But, as a further indication of how much rain we have had recently, the lovely town of Hambledon, that we passed through on leg 2 of this walk (qv), has just flooded.  

Leg 3 began eventually on Wednesday last, after delayed trains and a long taxi detour to circumvent a fallen tree across the road at Meon.  We were fortunate that the start of the path round Corhampton Golf Course was sheltered from the weather.

Only complete fools would be out and walking about today.

On the other side of the hill, the track was cut off by a new river.

This is the main road we had to walk along.

Next into open countryside, leading (disconcertingly) into Betty Mundy's Bottom.

The forest in the Bottom had clearly also suffered from the weather.

But we were cheered throughout this walk by the profusion of snowdrops.

We found a convenient, dry barn for lunch.

 Another saving grace on this walk was the stunning Hampshire  scenery.

You could see for miles across the rolling hills without any sign of habitation.

If this notice is aimed at birds, surely it should say 'Don't be so stupid - nest in trees!'.

Over the next hill, we entered Hinton Ampnor, with a new river for us to cross.

Another saving grace - a short break for tea and buttered toasted spotted dog cake in the tea-rooms.  This is the church in the Hinton Ampner. gardens

The gardens were full of snowdrops and winter aconites.

But, outside the gardens, the fields were full of water.

This is Cheriton, not only a raging river, but the adjoining road now a parallel river.

Jeff spots the Wayfarers Walk signpost in Cheriton.  Only another two thirds to walk . . .

The water flows off saturated fields onto the road, rather than the other way round.

Here is a local land-owner surveying the damage to part of her land.

But, eventually, we squelch across Alresford golf course into Alresford for the night.

An attractive walk - not spoiled by weather.  Despite the season, it is still quite warm.


  1. How come that tou didnt have mud on your boots and trousers ?

    1. Moistly washed off in the rain, Fatos.

  2. I can see mud on your trousers. The yellow aconites just brightened my day. They almost make my want to cry with yearning for spring. It was minus 20 C. this morning her in our little village but we aren't flooding. Yards are pretty solid right now. Thanks for the field trip. Wish I could be with you if only for the pub parts.

    1. I fear we must still have our cold weather to come, Karyn. You know you have permanent invite to our pub!

  3. I need to re-read BEFORE I hit publish. Sorry for the mistakes.