Friday, 7 February 2014


Wayfarers Walk 4

We continued on from Arlesford in continual rain, alongside the swollen stream.

The 13th century mill now looks somewhat precarious straddling the stream.

The no fishing notice is still there.

I wonder who Hambone Jr was, and why he's buried beside the river.

The path was often obstructed.  And still it rained.

But the snowdrops brightened our way.

The view of the valley.

The view across the hills.  Still raining. 

And a long muddy trudge up Abbotstone Down.

Finally at the summit.  Not stopped raining yet.

We broke for lunch in a bus shelter which was not yet waterlogged.

Then passing a nice house with more snowdrops

and sheltered in the Queen Inn at Dummer until the taxi arrived from the station.

A long walk, made longer by rain.  Did I mention the rain?


  1. I think the snowdrops would make it all worth the walk. They certainly brightened my day as I put up with a gastroenteritis. Your area was featured on our weather channel on the extreme weather section and we saw more pictures of your travails. I felt a little smug already having read your last blog and knowing all about it.

    1. Relooking at these pics, I can't believe we out all day in that! Can you also see the sandbags round the pub?!